Why innovate with ideocial?

More Ideas

More Ideas

Capture Diversity

Allow creativity to run wild. ideocial makes it really easy for you to showcase your ideas, giving your organisation a better picture of its potential.

Better Ideas

Better Ideas

Improve Success Rates

Give your ideas a better chance of success by letting the crowd challenge and improve them throughout the innovation cycle.



Involve the Crowd

Create buzz and excitement about your innovative idea. Feel connected with the ideas that you support. Every interaction on ideocial improves engagement within the crowd.

Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment

Measure Enterprise Social

“How many people checked out my idea last Thursday?” Don’t guess, get the real story with ideocial’s detailed analytics.

The Kickstarter model should be a part of the innovation infrastructure of every global enterprise that takes intrapreneurial creativity and coherent corporate culture seriously

Michael Schrage, innovation expert (Harvard Business Review, 2013)

A Fresh Approach to Problem Solving


  • allows leaders to articulate business problems;
  • gives innovators a space in which to showcase their solutions;
  • encourages free-flowing and open conversation to improve solutions; and
  • uses the crowd to prioritise the best solutions for each problem.

Also, ideocial’s detailed analytics can help support the business case for investment in both enterprise social networking and innovation.

This is crowdfunding tailored for business – Enterprise Grade Innovation®.

Natively Social

ideocial has been designed to take advantage of all the effort you’ve already put into bulding your Yammer network:

  • Everything’s ready to go. There’s no need to create a profile, remember another password, or re-establish your follower network on a separate platform;
  • People who share similar interests in innovation are already connected – they belong to common Yammer Groups;
  • Yammer becomes your go-to place for innovation. Important conversations about innovation will happen on Yammer anyway. There’s no need to awkwardly link those discussion threads to another platform.

What are you waiting for? ideocial follows a freemium licensing model, just like Yammer.

If you have a Yammer account, you can start using ideocial today!

ideocial also offers a Premium version of the product with a few extra features that larger organisations might find useful. Find out more here, or contact us.