More Ideas

More Ideas

In any large organisation, there will be some very good ideas out there. Game changers. Innovations that will transform your business and the world around it. The problem is often simply capturing as many of them as possible.

Some ideas might not yet be fully developed. Others might not make it over the walls between internal silos. Whatever the reason that they aren’t being identified, capturing more ideas makes good business sense. More ideas means a better starting point to refine, filter and prioritise the best ones. That’s difficult to do with only a few alternatives.

Make It Easy

Ideocial helps your business by making it easy for anyone in a Yammer Group to put forward an idea. There isn’t the usual red tape of having to put together a business case, or seek executive sponsorship. No approvals are required, simply describe your idea to your colleagues. All ideas are visible within the Group for collation later.

Enterprise Social Media

There is also something about social media platforms that takes this ease one step further, breaking down the barriers created by traditional processes and systems. Have you ever seen a conversation on Yammer which seems too ‘honest’ for other forums? Now imagine if people felt the same way about putting forward their ideas. That’s what you get when you use ideocial.

More Ideas

Better Ideas

Better Ideas
Better Ideas

Using ideocial the crowd can refine ideas by making suggestions and giving feedback. Ideas also become more developed as the crowd holds innovators accountable for only submitting realistic, practical concepts.

More Refined

The motivation for innovators to refine their ideas is quite simple – the people who have the opportunity to provide feedback also collectively pick the winner. Listening to feedback and responding with improvements gives a Pitch the best chance of success.

Anyone in the Yammer Group can make a suggestion for improvement or highlight a weakness. Feedback comes from a variety of people, each with a different perspective. Innovators are constantly challenged to incorporate feedback, iteratively improving their Pitches with the help of the crowd.

Better Developed

Innovators walk a fine line between selling an inspiring vision, and putting forward something they know will work. While a vision generates enthusiasm, it also runs the risk of being difficult to implement. ideocial encourages innovators to think big in order to attract support, while allowing the crowd to challenge unrealistic ideas.

Ultimately this leads to concepts which are more considered. Important details can’t be glossed over – to maintain credibility innovators must be able to respond to the concerns of the crowd supporting them. This requires innovators to be able to clearly articulate strategies to overcome the potential risks associated with their Pitches. Successful ideas on ideocial are those which are more developed, almost to the point of being complete business proposals.



Innovation keeps your business one step ahead of your competitors. It’s easy to generate excitement about innovation, but all too often people feel as if it is imposed on them. Innovations created by an isolated R&D team, even after engaging with a few focus groups, aren’t automatically going to be embraced by everyone. ideocial solves this disconnect by creating meaningful, personal connections with your innovation agenda across your entire business.


What better way of making a personal connection to an innovative idea than allowing someone to develop it themselves and see it succeed? Open collaboration, embraced by those who understand enterprise social, connects more people with each idea. ideocial encourages teams to form organically, entering Challenges which team members strongly identify with. Talented people outside the R&D team now have a way to connect with, and contribute to, the sustained success of their business.


For an idea to win in ideocial it must be well supported. The act of consciously supporting one idea over another creates a meaningful connection with the chosen concept. At the end of the Challenge, every supporter sees that their choice contributed to that Pitch winning.

One of crowdfunding’s key elements is incorporating token rewards for support. This has powerful behavioural implications, with rewards being described as “one of the most important motivations for participating in crowdfunding communities”. Overcoming barriers to participation is the first step towards becoming highly engaged.

For those who engage with the idea more actively, by asking questions and suggesting improvements, the feeling of ownership only becomes stronger. Every single interaction, whether it be supporting, challenging, or refining, creates a more powerful connection with your innovation agenda.


Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment
Social Return on Investment

Understading the return on investment of your enterprise social spend is challenging. The return is often seen as intangible, described through narrative rather than in percentage terms.

Projects have a Return on Investment

ideocial provides a definitive link between innovation and enterprise social, allowing your social media team to tap into the tangible benefits of successful Pitches.

By tracking both network interactions and the evolution of concepts over time, the value of crowd involvement can be quantified. When the crowd challenges a concept, subsequent improvements made by the project team are a direct result of that interaction. Similarly, when a concept is improved after a suggestion is made, value has been generated by the crowdfunding process.

Having the ability to link enterprise social to clearly defined projects can provide much-needed quantitative data as part of a broader picture of the benefits of enterprise social.

All Interactions are Valuable

One of the largest benefits of your enterprise social network is the way it rapidly spreads awareness about interesting content. On the other hand, network value is typically illustrated with metrics of interactions that the platform happens to record – comments, likes and shares. Why use such a narrow definition of an ‘interaction’ when the action of viewing content is actually quite valuable? Many more people view a post than make the effort to comment on it, but we tend to value only the interactions which have available data. The value of awareness remains overlooked while it isn’t being measured.

ideocial Premium gives you the ability to see who looked at your Pitches and Challenges. That opens up exciting new possibilities to develop insights into that data, such as mapping the spread of awareness about innovation. Now you can measure awareness in a way that was never before possible on Yammer. Every interaction that promotes awareness is valuable.