If you’ve ever used Buffer for Twitter, you know how great it is to be able to schedule posts when you’ve got better things to do. That’s a feature which is isn’t currently available on internal community platforms like Yammer. So a couple of Microsoft MVPs decided to get together and build exactly that – a post scheduler for Yammer.

Setting up cadence is really easy:

  1. Define your weekly schedule. It’s incredibly flexible, so you can be posting at:
    • 11:00am each weekday
    • 10:00am on Mondays and
    • 3:00pm on Thursdays.
  2. Add posts to the queue. You can do things you’d normally do in posts like @-mention people or add links.
  3. There is no #3. Your message will arrive on time in the right group. It’s really that simple!

If you want more time to be awesome, support cadence on Kickstarter today!

For more information, reach out to us on Twitter @cslemp or @ideocial.