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Today's hipsters don't want to carry around shiny new technology devices. Everything old is new again, and Cache Watch is no exception. By combining cutting-edge near field communication (NFC) technology with Swiss watch precision, we've created a product which ticks all the boxes of today's discerning customer.


Retro Functional

Inspired by retro technology such as the Leica retro digital cameras (check out a Wall Street Journal article on the reinvention of Leica), the Cache Watch echoes back to a time of luxurious opulence.

Leica Camera

Photo Credit: Fancy

Some professional photographers prefer the geek-chic compact camera over larger, more advanced alternatives. In 2010, Steve Jobs compared Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 4 to "a beautiful old Leica camera." - WSJ

Now you no longer have to choose between retro and functional, with all the features you would ever want in a wearable technology device.


The features of the Cache Watch are:

  • Quality Swiss chronograph mechanism for accurate timekeeping
  • NFC capable, allowing you to pay for everyday items just by holidng your wrist near a NFC-capable reader
  • Use your watch instead of a separate card for building access at your workplace
  • Continuous monitoring of your pulse rate, with the ability to download and export that data to popular health apps
  • 16Gb storage with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to sync with Google timeservers, automatically changing timezones when you're on the move
  • Water resistant to 300m

Luxury Branding

So popular, even Armani came out with a line of retro styled watches (even though their tech wasn't as good as ours!):

Almost There

Today we've finally launched the product to a trial audience. Thank you to the people who have given us input so far, especially those who participated in the first few focus groups.


We're really excited about this new venture. Please keep the questions coming!

We can't wait to show you what we have planned.

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Peter 5 days ago A quick update to let you know that we've got a pilot trialup and running. Read more by following the link.
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