RoI of Ridiculously Good Looking

Recently Yammer redesigned how it shows you links. The picture is no longer square. Extra information appears when you hover over the link.

Not exactly Earth-shattering stuff, until you think about how that change might have come about. Somewhere in Microsoft, possibly in a large committee meeting, I’m expecting the conversation went something like this:

You want to do what? Why? Of all the things we need to do today, you’re telling me “square-to-rectangle” is the most important?

And for most companies those are valid questions. Rectangular pictures – hardly something that’ll increase revenue. Having a ridiculously good looking product – difficult to see it improving the bottom line.

Someone, somewhere at Microsoft, made the argument that their product has to look ridiculously good. Call it what you will (customer experience, user experience, human-centred design) – your largest, most bureaucratic IT supplier just managed to nail it.

Which means you now have no excuses not to do the same.